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The Inn has launched a new online booking system. This guide is intended to help you find your way around the system. Please read it thoroughly before contacting the Inn with queries. However, if anything is not working as you would expect please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at

Logging In

When you visit the online booking system you will be presented with the log in page below. Please enter your membership number without spaces or punctuation (e.g. 20150567). Your password is unchanged from the one used on the previous system.

Home screen

Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Home screen, which will show a summary of the number of Qualifying Sessions you have already attended, upcoming sessions you have booked and the number of Qualifying Sessions you still have to attend before you are eligible to be called.


From the Home screen you can access the Member and Events sections.

The Member section gives you access to a number of pages where you can:

  • view your attendance history
  • view your bookings (for upcoming events)
  • change your password
  • view the Inn’s Dining Rules
  • view your “shopping cart” (events you’ve selected tickets for but not yet completed booking)
The Events section gives you access to a number of pages where you can:

  • view the Events Calendar to book events
  • View the Term Dinner Menus for the current term

Menu options

In the new system you must select one of four options for your meal. You can select:

  • Set Starter & Set Main; or
  • Set Starter & Vegetarian Main; or
  • Vegetarian Starter & Main; or
  • Vegetarian Starter & Set Main
There is also space for you to note any allergies.

Booking multiple events

If you wish to book more than one event you must add the first event to your shopping cart.

To book another event simply click on Make another booking and you will be taken back to the list of available events. After you add a ticket for any event you will be taken back to this screen and when you have added tickets for all the events you wish to attend click on Proceed to checkout.


You will then be presented with a screen with space for two addresses. The first address is the delivery address for your tickets and can be any address in the UK (please note that we do not post tickets overseas but will keep them in the Treasury Office for cullection). The second address is the billing address and it must match the address for the credit or debit card you are using to pay for your tickets. The system will store these addresses so that you can use them again when you buy tickets. However, please note that this will not update your main correspondence address with the Inn. To do this you must email


The payment system is now SagePay rather than PayPal. After you have confirmed or updated your addresses you will be redirected to SagePay to make payment. You can use a Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit or Visa Electron card to pay for your tickets.